Thursday, 27 August 2009


I did some tests with this whole custom brushes, using all kind of this and that.
And im kind of night finding its me. I think that something more akin to traditional painting is where i need to be.
so.. my next attempt
Its gonna be all wet, lots of shiny. Drips from the roof onto big robot, and wet hair for everyone.
But well see. My opening sketch had a much darker/moody rain feeling going on.

And wow. I need to sort out my colour configuration or something. Theres a difference between Painter IX (which it was done in) and Photoshop. Then when its put onto the internet, and i see it on a different moniter :S cant imagine how you guys see it.

My test i did, for like 15 mins

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  1. Ah crap I hate dells. It just ate my comment. Lucky for you I'll do it again 'cause I'm just awesome like that.

    Ok, in terms of composition and clarity your second go at the image works much better then your first, its simple, moody and aestetically lovely, I can easily appreciate the broad strokes that make up the forms as technically beautiful.

    However its very composed, posed even. You've lost a lot of the sense of character and immedicay of your first roughs, where it felt more as if we were moving in a real place with purpose and intent. More like a urgent-if-poorly-composed photograph of a real event. I have a lot of apprication for an image that'll make me believe it, rather then be simply beautiful and correct.. so while its very subjective opinion I hope you can see what I mean.