Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Exhibition Junk

Got a last minute invite to be in an exhibition in Bristol, and after a 4 days of callus inducing fun, I made these lino cuts and two of the three box things.

I generally have story ideas for most pieces I do, but a good one might brew out of these prints... The top bird was based on a roadrunner and the bottom on a sparrow.
The paper sculptures are all 4 inches square, and painfully awkward to cut. Writing with a tiny brush on a tinier piece of paper which bleeds if you linger too long was... interesting. The general theme for these were 1930's style collector's cards of circus acts, inspired by old cigarette cards.

Had a few more pieces in the exhibiton, and some life drawing that were cherry picked from the past years pieces. It was terribly advertised, but fun to be in! Wanted to photograph em there, but ideas can't beat dead cameras.

[wrong]If I have time before packing for Green Man festival I'll post up a couple vinyl toys I've customised and the odd sketch![/wrong]

Stay limber, people.


  1. that linocut (is that real linocut? or faux digital printing) with the women - Is amazing, im REALLY digging it. composition is great and the women looks awesome, great character.

    Only thing is the tangent of the bottom of the birds beak into the top of her head. keeep catching my eye.

    Im loving this blog - i keep seeing your guys work and im desperate to start working again.

  2. Urgh, yeah, I can't help notice the tangent too- didn't really give myself time to think to hard on those pieces, so it was more of a 'see what happens' sort of thing. I can fix that for future prints luckily (so yeah, actual prints). The tangent on the guy's shoulder would be a lot harder to sort out, since I'd have to add on some plumbers putty or something.

    Gonna try some A3+ linos next time.