Thursday, 13 August 2009


I'm back in Bristol, flea free and seeing you guys' artwork has me ready to churn out something AWESOME. I'll post some exhibition stuff on Friday and might start posting my daily sketch challenges, but my sociable weekend has now disappeared, looks like art is gonna take over people!

NEXT CHAPTER: ...What is this Moonbird?


  1. Yay! Although surely you could have trained those fleas to carry paintbrushes..

  2. Hello bloggers! You've got some awesome stuff! Marcel, I hope you sorted those fleas out, I'm not moving in so I can bitten by anyone but you.

    Can I get one of you guys to do me a massive, well not THAT massive, a favour? Can you make me an avatar? Something 90x120 of anything. Maybe something hilarious.

    I appreciate this is a pretty vague request but why not :p