Thursday, 30 July 2009

Holding the muse hostage

I wanted to finish something before I put up even a sketch dump and here it is; A comic page which would preface a longer story. I know these characters pretty well and I wanted to play with them for a page or two before settling down to something more serious.. possibly even realistic. (Also I know its a bad habit, but I've been writing these characters for a long time and the pages I make now simply assume you know the characters.. heres a few from a year or two ago if you're interested. And slightly mentally handicapped. 1,2,3,4 aaaand so on.)

Character designs:

I was pretty down for a while in what I was working on; mainly because of the complete failure of my 'self portrait'. On the left is the colour rough I worked up while painting and to the right.. the sheer awfulness of what I've ended up with. If I can bear to look at it again, i might take a huge brush to it and really mess it up.

Now for some happier things! I've been doing one Zodiac-based doodle per day, here's Taraus and Gemini:

Aaaaand some fun:

Sunchyme time :D

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wellity wellity wellity... im nearly done?
this has been a success. I am reasonably happy with it for a start, and i managed to take it to a level above what i thought i might be able to achieve (which is funny because in a way i know i can do better still, but it did surprise me with how well it worked)
Turns out this year has had a MUCH larger effect on me that i thought. When im painting, i think of all the main important things unconciously, which is good. I use photoshop and painter so much more efficiently, and all those brush tricks and shit are actually starting to be useful. and I managed to keep my interest in this for longer than i thought too. Maybe 10-20 hours?

If u guys can pick anything u think needs changing - maybe some colour/lighting issues i cant see etc, id appreciate it. IF i can change it, thats even better.

Crit me hard. This is like my exam piece or something, im seeing what my 'bar' is set at.

edit - its a book cover. Hence the composition. The spine goes straight down the middle on that post thing. and space above/below characters is for title and author. Most of back is covered with text too.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Well I've been customising some vinyl toys, but amazingly my camera stopped working, so pics'll have to wait til Tuesday. I'll throw in a placeholder for now- everyone likes bad scans, right? RIGHT?!

There'll be some good stuff- some FINISHED stuff- next time!
27/07/09- Well, no internet and flea infestation makes posting and making artwork awkward, so until I do something else I'll use this post as a sketchdump. Musicians and dead cants aplenty!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Religion vs Science

Continuing my quest to learn perspective/backgrounds/robots/stuff that isn't people I pieced this together on a lightbox from a couple of separate doodles.

I can only take fairly low light level pictures rather then scan anything so the line-art is a bit of a shambles by the time it gets to you on account of being photoshopped from this:

As you can see, I started lining in brown watercolour pencil (for some god-forsaken reason?) before finishing in pen. This renders it.. impossible to paint as its too small for oils and the picture quality isn't great for digital. But we'll see!

Real paintings coming soon hopefully :D

P.s. Yes.. those are monks of some sort. Evil monks perhaps.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Nothing complete to show you today, oil paintings take me a while and I've been starting a lot more then I finish (Thats what she said..) I'm working on a pretty nice mural around the corner from where I live but the problem is I can only work on it between say 2am and 6am to avoid them police and I'm always sleepy when the time comes around. Soon though!

I'm also whoring myself out to the general public doing pencil portraits from photographs (the horror...), if they want them in this TIME OF ECONOMIC DECLINE I hear so much about.

Anyway heres a shoddily photographed page from my sketchbook. Turns out good photographs can only be taken on blisteringly sunny days of which there is a surprisingly unsurprising lack.

Good cheer and eggnog,

Faye signing out my Luvvers!

Friday, 10 July 2009

So, my scanner/printer isnt with me. Which means no sketches of soldiers running around, of which i have alot(too much Neotokyo!).
AND i have to do my sketches straight onto my pc. So i bust my balls on this for the last 2 hours, but its going well, but i need sleep, its 2am. Expect colour soon.

Also - its a mock book cover for a little place called Artorder . A sort of brief/competition thingy, its all DnD based, HENCE THE DROW AND MINDFLAYER THROWING IT DOWN.


Sunday, 5 July 2009

4 inch 2.2

Rough but I'm liking it, cheers for the speedpainting tips No.3!

Edit: Its very quiet here now.