Thursday, 6 August 2009

The book piece i posted over at Artorder got a 3rd place from Kate Irwin, a Wizards of the coast art director out of like 60 or so entries.

Kate Irwin - Third Place Award
"This piece is nicely-rendered but it is my number 2 (? -lol wut?- ap) because the artist used each plane of the book well — there is something interesting on the front, back and spine. (a lot of times, the spine is all you’ll see on the shelf so it’s very important.) Most of the text areas have detail but are also somewhat monotone so the text will stand out. The composition nearly cradles the type elements. This wasn’t an accident. "

That brightened my day a little bit.
Sudden... urge... to paint ...lots more ...

EDIT - From Irene Gallo - Tor Books Art Director

Irene Gallo - Third Place Award
"Nice way to resolve showing each character face on. Very convincing snow and lighting. Works well as a book cover"

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