Thursday, 27 August 2009

Junk in dem Trunk

Well. Yeah.
I know what i what i want to do. But im definitly still finding out how i want to go about doing it, in terms of process. I feel like im messing about too much and doing alot of things that arent needed in the process of painting. I watched a David Levy video and was looking at some other good digital painters, and i like they way they seem to be getting it down first time, no messing.
Im layering up too much and im loosing something. i think i had something at the beginning within the simplicity and lost it. With this in mind, now knowing what im doing - im gonna start again, trying to be simple.
Still dont know whether i like to do drawings to start with either....

also. Faye foreground, marcel on the left, me being heroic at the back. Its gonna be in the sewers too, all cyberpunky grimey. The water theme i lost alot in the process too :(

Ill be back for more by this evening for sure
i feel like im really learning something everytime i put down strokes.

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