Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Self explanatory really

Edit - i need to figure how to save/resize painter pictures better. I think photoshop might be aliasing out alot of the texture and brush stuff when i resize and save it. :S
Also - let me know what the colour/darkness is like. On my main monitor its good, but on my second monitor it looks reaaly dark and desaturated. i trust my main moniter the most tho...


  1. Bah, I love it when comments fail to send...

    Saturation is generally ok, but needs more saturated blues in it to make it pop (apart from the blue secondary lightsource).

    What I'm guessing is Faye (FG Char) is lost in the darkness- to keep with the unity of the pic try lightening the chunk of metal directly behind her, using the blue lightsource.

    Add some defining highlights to our faces (yellow would work best) and you're good to go!

    Oh, and the texture really is lost in this, but for now it still works fine.

  2. oh yeah - the characters have been pretty much NOT touched since the very first drawing. So they are essentially empty black spaces. they will be filled out so much more with all the right light sources (well, hopefully).

  3. On this shitty work Dell I can see the greens and blues quite nicely but the yellowish light is v.desaturated. The lights in the upper right seem pretty fine for saturation and light though.