Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Nothing complete to show you today, oil paintings take me a while and I've been starting a lot more then I finish (Thats what she said..) I'm working on a pretty nice mural around the corner from where I live but the problem is I can only work on it between say 2am and 6am to avoid them police and I'm always sleepy when the time comes around. Soon though!

I'm also whoring myself out to the general public doing pencil portraits from photographs (the horror...), if they want them in this TIME OF ECONOMIC DECLINE I hear so much about.

Anyway heres a shoddily photographed page from my sketchbook. Turns out good photographs can only be taken on blisteringly sunny days of which there is a surprisingly unsurprising lack.

Good cheer and eggnog,

Faye signing out my Luvvers!

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