Friday, 17 July 2009

Religion vs Science

Continuing my quest to learn perspective/backgrounds/robots/stuff that isn't people I pieced this together on a lightbox from a couple of separate doodles.

I can only take fairly low light level pictures rather then scan anything so the line-art is a bit of a shambles by the time it gets to you on account of being photoshopped from this:

As you can see, I started lining in brown watercolour pencil (for some god-forsaken reason?) before finishing in pen. This renders it.. impossible to paint as its too small for oils and the picture quality isn't great for digital. But we'll see!

Real paintings coming soon hopefully :D

P.s. Yes.. those are monks of some sort. Evil monks perhaps.


  1. If you think about how where the horizon is and where her feet are. Shes above the horizon i think, suggesting shes floating.
    And its all confused by that fact that theres no floor or feet in the picture.


  2. My god it beats me how you can even tell..

  3. Ok I can kind of see it.. like if those guys are hitting the floor then shes too high up..

  4. It's a bit too confusing a picture without tone or colour, but if you don't bother it's going to be worth increasing the line weights on the three FG characters, increasing from left to right- there isn't quite enough to differentiate the detail from the characters and the BG lines!