Thursday, 30 July 2009

Holding the muse hostage

I wanted to finish something before I put up even a sketch dump and here it is; A comic page which would preface a longer story. I know these characters pretty well and I wanted to play with them for a page or two before settling down to something more serious.. possibly even realistic. (Also I know its a bad habit, but I've been writing these characters for a long time and the pages I make now simply assume you know the characters.. heres a few from a year or two ago if you're interested. And slightly mentally handicapped. 1,2,3,4 aaaand so on.)

Character designs:

I was pretty down for a while in what I was working on; mainly because of the complete failure of my 'self portrait'. On the left is the colour rough I worked up while painting and to the right.. the sheer awfulness of what I've ended up with. If I can bear to look at it again, i might take a huge brush to it and really mess it up.

Now for some happier things! I've been doing one Zodiac-based doodle per day, here's Taraus and Gemini:

Aaaaand some fun:

Sunchyme time :D


  1. that.. song.. is AWESOME.

    Also - try less outlining in your work, i can see why u do it in ure 'stiches' and other similarly styled works, but its getting into other stuff, like the painting at the bottom.
    'Outlining is a poor mans line weight.'

  2. Outlining is one stroke extra around an object?

    (What am I supposed to be doing?) I'll find a tut, cheers.

  3. Yeah, and thats bad.
    Flattens out images REAL bad.

    it creates depth between objects - but the objects become flat themselves,as your applying the same lineweight on every edge/part of that object.

    Its not bad, but you have to know when to use it. which isnt alot of the time.