Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Scientist editorial: "Too much testosterone disrupts family life"

Pick one?

"In polygamous societies, men with high levels of testosterone in their saliva are more likely to take several wives and give their children less attention, compared to those with less of the sex hormone coursing through their bodies."

I'm a genius. And in case your thinking Its not close enough to illustration, check out the pre-photoshop job:


  1. My first reaction to this is you got it the wrong way, obviously I havent read the article but surely the whole polygamy and not caring for your children is the opposite of what the heart represents (which is made up of the hair/testosterone).
    Id love a little more explanation on this one, or a link to the article... :)

  2. i like the top one faye, think it gives a more masculine feel, and without the face it could be shown as any man. The redness of the shirt also represents the colour the heart should be. The fact the whole body isn't shown is giving the idea that the man isn't showing all of himself.
    Sorry for the long comment lol hope it helps :)

  3. What's not illustration about photos anyway?

    This is a genius idea. Nice work.