Sunday, 16 May 2010

I dont want to, but I feel I should.
Some people asked me about em so these are my 'Nam competition entries.
Its about a Japenese Poet, Matsuo Basho who went wandering around Northern Japan.
Its 'aight.. I suppose, theres a couple of panels I like. But I ended up rushing this because my other project didn't finish until about a week before the competition deadline. Oh well - I did it, I learnt something, Ill move on.

Also, £5.00 for next day delivery... for like 4 pieces of paper? WTF Royal Mail.


  1. I never said to you how much I like these; You've really used your saturation levels well, subtle and consistent colouring without relying on brights to draw attention.. Your tones are leading us around the composition really well.

    You've kept up really nice atmospheric variation although I'd say overall its quite lonely and a little sad. They look gorgeous all together but I wonder if in context they might feel even lonelier.. Of course as hes a wandering poet maybe thats the style of the poem.

    Mostly my kudos for how you've painted the people, they feel alive but also very much a part of their surroundings, you didn't make them pop out and draw all the attention as most people would. They really feel like part of the landscape they live in.

  2. The whole sad/lonely atmosphere is definitely something I wanted to get across. He traveled alone for some of the time, and many people thought he wouldn't come back alive. Before he left he apparently had some pretty bad depression issues and stuff like that - I think some of that is what made him go traveling. The isolation etc.

    Thanks a lot for the real nice comments, I appreciate them considering theres so much in here I dislike.