Sunday, 3 January 2010


Began one of the 10000 projects I'd planned to do over the break today, and heres a snapshot of what the last 12 odd hours has consisted of..

And the better I get at real faces (which I end up drawing more then anything else despite best intentions..), the more I like drawing weird faces. I just have to quit before I end up being some kind of hideous caricature artist on a road somewhere.

I never put in the attic up:

Also Nigel Owen added me on facebook today. Wewt! Happy new year you three :D


  1. First in the attic one is the best. The other one is next, but the tonal values seem out of whack. Liking the design on the first pic too! Got a really good style going, but sadly only silje looks like silje, I don't recognise the top one as vera and bex looks...wrong! Just draw silje in the attic and you'll be fine :D

    Congrats, first post of the year, woo! Does this mean you have your tablet pen after all?

  2. No I had to borrow one! Set me back a bit too.. one and a half pantings done out of 13.. Could be a push ;D

  3. I'm glad it wasn't just me who recognised those 3 faces......... it took a moment or 2, but then it set in.
    Oh my, what an ugly mug...
    I like it!!