Saturday, 26 December 2009


So if any of yoo guys like TF2, you may have heard of the war that just went on between Demomen and Soldiers, vying for a fabled new weapon. This picture was for the Propoganda competition, and guess what- I didn't win! It's all fun to do these things though. My poster was based on this glorious piece of ridiculousness.

This was just a sketch before bed- inspiration was a Fever Ray gig ticket on my desk. After seeing how amazing she is live, Trying to listen to the Knife again just seems too...pop-py or something. Go see her if you ever get the chance!


  1. The fact that you based this on that nazi-train poster Josh did makes this full of win.

    Good effort too.

  2. Cheers! It was a good larf to do. I hurt my neck pretty bad last week, but now that it's starting to feel better I'll have to get back on the art wagon. Location drawing should keep me busy!

  3. Dont even mention doing location drawing .....