Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Because no one else wants to.

Dunno what you chumps are up to, but i thought i better post something.
Actually been doing a fair bit of work, being working daily and posting it up on in my sketchbook, getting ..some.. feedback and whatnot. Also just whoring myself out. But i thought i should post some of my morsels.

(EDIT - my side bar has dissapeared on the main blog page, same for everyone?)

Some small photo studies, 5-10 mins each...

Some random mech/suit

Some fashion studies from a japanese fashion blog

Some Blade Runner screen cap studies

Mike Mignola study/conversion to a painting.


  1. sidebar is at the bottom of the page, but I dunno how to fix it :/

  2. Usually its page stretching but I can't see any.. Then again if you go to older posts it goes back to normal.

  3. Fixed.

    Joe: Don't center text.

  4. You need to balance your saturation levels in your work. Looking back at some of your older work, you can see some of it bleeding with saturation, whereas those studies and the mignola piece look a bit dull. If you have a spare 30 seconds, lighten the sky on the mignola piece to truly make use of the negative space.